SEO Tips For Beginners

When it comes to getting your website in front of everyone, you must leverage on search engine optimization or SEO in short. SEO is one of the most talk-over topics and a very powerful method to get visitors to your website.

Imagine you are running a website selling shoes, and when people search for related shoes, your website comes out and appear on top of Google’s search result, how good is that? You will be attracting tons of targeted visitors to your website without spending any advertising cost.

This is what SEO can do for you. And below are 3 best SEO methods you can use to greatly improve the ranking for your website and boost your traffic stats. For more ideas on how to rank your site – visit the Top Spot Seo Melbourne website. There are videos and lots of information on how to help rank local businesses on Google.

1. The Skyscraper Technique

This technique was first introduced by Brian Dean. It is a very effective and powerful technique to get links pointing to your website.

How it works is that you create a piece of great content, and then you look for people who have shared or linked to similar content through tools such as Ahrefs software tool or Buzz Sumo. After that, contact the owners who have linked the content informing that you have something similar, but even more complete on your website. And ask them to link to you.

Many have tried this SEO method and found that it is very effective because people love to link to valuable content that benefits their audience. Thus, if you have quality and in-depth content, this method can be great for you.

2. The Broken Link Technique

The second method is to check for broken links from another website, contact the owner and then ask them to link to you. This method is easy and can be done quickly since you are always surfing the internet.

You can install an extension to your browser to check for broken links. Whenever you found any link that is not working, and it is related to your website, contact the website owner and ask the owner to link to you.

A simple and quick tip is always to be on the lookout for resources page. Many websites provide resources page, and they recommend other related websites. This is where the broken link technique works the best.

3. Consistent Guest Posting

You can build your authority and at the same time boost your SEO effort through guest posting. It is one of the most legitimate and powerful link building anyone can use these days.

When you contribute guest content to other websites, they will link back to your website, and this is how you build links and get traffic from other people’s website. Imagine writing guest articles for authority websites like Huffington Post or Business Insider; you can get instant traffic and build SEO simultaneously.

The key to getting your articles approved and published on another website is to write good quality information that people want to read. If you write a crappy article, nobody will want to publish your article.

Therefore, aim for quality and be consistent. Try to submit a few guest articles each week and grow from there.


These are the 3 most powerful and effective SEO methods as of now. Use these techniques, and you will see your website ranking increase over time. However, make sure you are consistent, provide quality content and have the patience to see the results.

Watch this video by Danny Sullivan on The Evolution Of Search

Questions To Ask When Moving Home

When you are looking to move home, what are the most important questions you need answered about the moving company you intent to engage. Here is a great start below:

5. Does The Company Offer Quality Service?

Good moving is more than just wrapping up the belongings, placing them in a truck, and transporting them. It also focuses on the customer experience. A potential mover wants to be treated right by being listened to, being offered the necessary assistance, and also being updated on the progress. To make this happen reputable firms invest in good customer service and technical support that is easily accessible.

6. Are Their Prices Competitive?

An undeniable fact is that moving can be a costly affair especially if there are many items or the distance is long. The removalist invests in the best equipment and techniques that guarantee you of reliable, quick and safe service. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that quality service has to cost an arm and leg. It is possible to get desirable service at a budget, and this is achieved by comparing prices as well as negotiating with the firm.

7. How Are The Reviews?

The internet is normally the first point people check for removalists such as A common observation is that majority of the Melbourne companies will state to be cheap, reliable, and experienced. But the truth is that this is part of advertising. A good way of verifying the claims is perusing the reviews from other customers. This gives you a clearer picture of the nature of service, competency, and reliability of the service provider. In 2016 – regulations are even tighter now to catch unscrupulous operators. Ensure all accreditation and licences are in place before engaging any removals company. Also there are more reviews available online now than there were several years ago – so use that to your advantage when doing research.

The above questions come handy when identifying a good removalist among the many firms in Melbourne. A good firm has good reputation, is experienced in this sector, offers a wide range of services, and owns a large fleet of vehicles. The company is run by professionals, offers competitive pricing, and is backed by good comments and positive reviews. In addition to relocating quickly and with minimal hassle, dealing with credible removalists in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne guarantees you of peace-of-mind.

Car Parking Options At The Airport

Traveling and Saving Money

Many people who travel can’t always afford to take public transportation when going to the airport, so they need to find a place to park and leave their car. The good thing today is there are plenty of options of people who need to park their car at the airport. The best thing to do is use an off-site aiport parking facility in Melbourne such as – They are the cheapest and most secure car parking venue near the airport in Melbourne. They now have a new website – please see link above.

Budget friendly parking lots

Before heading to the airport you should inquire about budget friendly parking that is close by. Many airports have separate parking lots usually on the outer perimeter where you can park for much cheaper. The only drawback to this is that you need to take a shuttle bus to the main terminal. Although there is no charge for the shuttle bus, it can take time to get you to the terminal. You need to plan accordingly so you don’t miss your flight. These shuttle budget friendly lots are usually half the price of the normal melbourne parking lots.

Valet parking at the airport

Yes that’s right, today’s airports offer valet parking if you would like the very best service for your car. Of course you will pay a lot more money per day, but it’s totally worth it if you don’t mind paying the extra costs. The valet lots are usually very close to the terminal, making this option the quickest way to have your car parked and get inside the airport.

The main parking terminal

At almost every airport they have short and long term parking. If you are just picking someone up, them go to the short-term lot, but if you are going away and need to leave your car at the airport then you need to park at the long-term lot. The long-term lot is cheaper than short-term.

As you can see there are many different options for parking your car at the airport. Choose the one best-suited for you, and have a great trip!

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