Car Parking Options At The Airport

Traveling and Saving Money

Many people who travel can’t always afford to take public transportation when going to the airport, so they need to find a place to park and leave their car. The good thing today is there are plenty of options of people who need to park their car at the airport. The best thing to do is use an off-site aiport parking facility in Melbourne such as – They are the cheapest and most secure car parking venue near the airport in Melbourne. They now have a new website – please see link above.

Budget friendly parking lots

Before heading to the airport you should inquire about budget friendly parking that is close by. Many airports have separate parking lots usually on the outer perimeter where you can park for much cheaper. The only drawback to this is that you need to take a shuttle bus to the main terminal. Although there is no charge for the shuttle bus, it can take time to get you to the terminal. You need to plan accordingly so you don’t miss your flight. These shuttle budget friendly lots are usually half the price of the normal melbourne parking lots.

Valet parking at the airport

Yes that’s right, today’s airports offer valet parking if you would like the very best service for your car. Of course you will pay a lot more money per day, but it’s totally worth it if you don’t mind paying the extra costs. The valet lots are usually very close to the terminal, making this option the quickest way to have your car parked and get inside the airport.

The main parking terminal

At almost every airport they have short and long term parking. If you are just picking someone up, them go to the short-term lot, but if you are going away and need to leave your car at the airport then you need to park at the long-term lot. The long-term lot is cheaper than short-term.

As you can see there are many different options for parking your car at the airport. Choose the one best-suited for you, and have a great trip!

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